About us

We for you, today and tomorrow

We continue to be what we have always been: a family business which, led by the Kasslatter family, has grown to operate internationally in the service sector.


Our philosophy is based on reliability, commitment and fairness: founding values that we respect on a daily basis in relation to all our stakeholders. We take care of the needs of our clients, whether they are major public or private institutions, offering a wide range of services integrated into the structure, as well as high-quality solutions: thanks to this approach we enable them to focus on their core activities, thus optimising costs.

At the same time, we offer our employees a dynamic working environment with excellent development opportunities, while we strive to establish an equal relationship with our suppliers, from whom we expect great professionalism and innovative proposals. Finally, sustainability is a cornerstone of our philosophy, characterised by responsible choices not only from an environmental, but also from an economic and social point of view.



We operate internationally in the Clean, Food, Logistics & Care, Housekeeping and Facility sectors. Our clients recognise us as an industry leader in terms of quality, processes and innovative technologies. As a provider of professional services, Markas can count on qualified and motivated staff, proving itself to be a particularly attractive employer to work for.


What drive our actions