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2022 Sustainability Report

Letter to stakeholders

We are thrilled to present the first Sustainability Report of Markas Group, a milestone on our journey towards the Markas 2030 Strategy and the beginning of a new phase during which our goal is to increasingly enhance our open and inclusive approach to stakeholder plurality.

"We want to continue to grow recognising and enhancing the value of our employees, improving their working environment and, consequently, the communities in which we operate"

Christoph Kasslatter
Managing Director

For you, today and tomorrow

Reliability, commitment and fairness. These are the values that inspire our everyday work.

These are also the roots of our tradition as a family business that has become a leader in the international service sector through a journey spanning over 38 years


countries in which we operate





Innovating and being innovative to ensure sustainable growth

We have always had the ambition to improve the daily lives of people. 
We do this through the innovation of services and the enhancement of work organisation in line with technological and social progress. 

We look to the future with the goal of building sustainable growth that generates shared value and confirms our focus on people and employees.


Markas Ideas

a challenge for all the employees; 69 ideas collected of which over 70% came from workers based in our clients’ premises

Oracle HCM

Oracle HCM

automation and digitisation of processes related to human resources


Markas WOW

“Controlling”, first project launched in 2022


Ethics and compliance: pillars of our actions

Many people’s daily lives depend on what we do. We feel the duty to guarantee them the utmost reliability, building a relationship based on trust. 

Compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, transparency and absolute fairness are the foundation of our actions, because the responsibility of our role is an integral part of our way of being and doing business. 



enhancement strategy


Data protection

three managers appointed in the three countries where the Group operates



software for supplier qualification

Our voice

What made us a leader in the service sector is the commitment and skills of our people.

Being aware of the importance of everyone’s contribution drives us to provide the most welcoming, safe and inclusive working environment day after day. A place where different abilities come together, grow and give life to new opportunities.




different nationalities


female presence


remote work hours


hours of training provided

The value of our work

Within the communities in which we participate and in the areas, where we are present, the value of our work is defined by the choices we make on a daily basis and their impact.

From the selection of suppliers, to supporting social initiatives and activities through the continuous evolution of our services, the first step characterising all our actions is always listening to the needs of people, society and the environment and sharing common goals.


Food waste

collaboration with United Against Waste to help prevent food waste


Business Impact Analysis

drafting of a Business Impact Analysis


Matilde Project

aimed at facilitating the inclusion of migrants within the community

Focus on the future

The highest quality possible today, with the lowest consumption of the future. For us, improving the lives of people and communities means preserving the resources of the future to build the day after tomorrow.

We care for the environment by reducing our environmental footprint through the adoption of responsible energy use practices, the careful selection and innovation of materials as well as attentive waste treatment and disposal policies.


Food contracts

Over a third of chemicals used in our Food division are Ecolabel branded (Italy)


ETP platform

developed in collaboration with Alperia to monitor the consumption of electricity at Markas’ premises and in our Food contracts



EU Ecolabel Indoor Cleaning Services certification and 2022 EU Ecolabel award